Postgraduate Pathway: Child Development

The Childhood Development pathway is a single course that concludes with an MA from Swansea's College of Human and Health Sciences. The course will help you explore how children develop from birth, how they acquire the ability to learn and think for themselves and how their development is influenced by family and community.

Pathways at Swansea University

Minimum 15 Years Education


Fees (2017-18)

Stage 1: Pre-Master's
Stage 2: Master’s Degree


Stage 1: One Semester

Stage 2: Two Semesters


Stage 1: June

Stage 2: September

Stage 1: Pre-Master's in Child Development


  • Health Science
  • Health Science Study Skills
  • ICT Skills
  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communication

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Stage 2: Master's Degree

Successful completion of this pathway will lead to the following degree award at Swansea University: