Postgraduate Pathway: Accounting and Finance

The courses are structured to provide a solid understanding of current micro and macroeconomics, finance and banking principles, analysis and regulation, after which students can select courses of particular interest.

Pathways at Swansea University

Minimum 15 Years Education


Fees (2017-18)

Stage 1: Pre-Master's

£9,950 (1 Semester)

£12,750 (2 Semesters)

£15,750 (3 semesters)

£18,750 (4 semesters)

Stage 2: Master’s Degree



Stage 1: One, Two, Three or Four semesters (Three and Four semesters options are subject to approval)

Stage 2: One year


Stage 1: September, January and June

Stage 2: September

Stage 1: Pre-Masters in Accounting and Finance


(Five modules taken on the one semester course)

  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communication
  • Strategy
  • Critical Management Thinking
  • Academic English Skills (1)
  • Quantitative Methods for Business
  • Principles of Finance and Investment
  • Academic English Skills (2)
  • Research and Critical Analysis
  • Study Skills Tutorial (2)

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Stage 2: Master's Degree

Successful completion of this pathway will lead to the following degree award at Swansea University:

Popular Careers

  • Government Economic Service; investment banks; Bank of England; insurance companies; stockbrokers; consultancies; think-tanks; Institute for Fiscal Studies; Manufacturing and commercial companies (usually large multinationals); local authorities; international organisations; universities