Undergraduate Pathway: Osteopathy

Foundation and First Year Degree Entry both available

This is an advanced initial degree in Osteopathy. Students successfully completing it will gain a Master’s level qualification which will:

  • Give the skills and competences necessary to become a registered osteopath
  • Develop self-confidence and apply knowledge for practice within a safe environment
  • Promote evidence based practice, personal and professional development

Pathways at Swansea University

High School

Please note that students will be admitted directly to First Year if their academic qualifications do not require a Foundation stage of study, for further details please refer to our Admissions Requirements.


Fees (2017-18)

Stage 1: University Foundation

£14,950 (2 Semesters)

£17,600 (3 Semesters) subject to approval

Stage 2: First Year Degree
Stage 3: Second Year Degree
Stage 4: Third Year Degree
Stage 5: Final Year Degre


Stage 1: Two semesters

Stage 2: Two semesters


Stage 1: January, November and September

Stage 2: September

NEWNovember Intake

Stage 1: University Foundation


  • Welfare Across the Globe
  • Composition and Style
  • Introduction to Constitutional Principals
  • Critical Thinking
  • Globalisation
  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communication
  • Principles of ICT
  • Biology 1
  • Biology 2

Stage 2: First Year Degree in Osteopathy


120 Credits of Level 1 Swansea University modules in your chosen subject.


  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communications (ILSC) (worth 20 credits)
  • Academic Support (Tutorial Classes)
  • Composition and Style

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Swansea University Degree pathways

Popular Careers

Most registered osteopaths work in the private health care sector. There is a growing demand for osteopathy as people seek out modern, patient-centred care.

According to the General Osteopathic Council, osteopaths carry out about seven million new consultations in the UK every year.

Salaries are determined by the number of patients Osteopaths see, whether or not they create their own practice or join an already established practice as an associate partner.

Students of osteopathy at Swansea University learn how to run an effective practice with an introduction to business management.

Students are encouraged to attend Swansea Employability Academy events and workshops held across campus each year.

Visit our employability web pages to read our graduate success stories.