Undergraduate Pathway: Medicine

Foundation and First Year Degree Entry both available


Swansea University is delighted to be able to guarantee graduates from the following disciplines an interview for their distinguished Graduate Entry Medicine programme, provided they choose the right path and meet the minimum entry criteria  -

Pathways at Swansea University

High School

Please note that students will be admitted directly to First Year if their academic qualifications do not require a Foundation stage of study, for further details please refer to our Admissions Requirements.


Fees (2017-18)

Stage 1: University Foundation

£16,950 (2 Semesters)

£19,950 (3 Semesters)

Stage 2: First Year Degree
Stage 3: Second Year Degree
£16,500 to £16,950
Stage 4: Final Year Degree
£16,500 to £16,950



Stage 1: Two or Three semesters depending on your English language ability.

Stage 2: Two semesters


Stage 1: September, November, January and May

Stage 2: September

NEWNovember Intake

Stage 1: University Foundation


  • Analytical Techniques 1
  • Biology 1
  • Biology 2
  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communication
  • Organic Chemistry (Stream 2)
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Principles of ICT
  • Statistics

Stage 2: First Year Degree in Medicine


120 Credits of Level 1 Swansea University modules in your chosen subject.


  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communications (ILSC) (worth 20 credits)
  • Academic Support (Tutorial Classes)

* Stated Swansea University course fees are a guide only and are subject to change. For the most up-to-date fee listings, please visit

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  • Conservation biology
  • Forensic science
  • Pharmaceuticals
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